About VLA

Virtual Learning Academy is a school of choice for K - 8th grade students in Leander ISD who prefer an alternative to in-person learning. Leander ISD curriculum is utilized, which also includes Art and PE.


VLA students must reside in the Leander ISD attendance area and satisfy criteria as established in Texas Education Code and local guidelines. Interested students/families must complete the required admission application.


Students in virtual learning experience live learning throughout the day in small classes with differentiated instruction and highly-qualified teachers. Increased digital citizenship, self discipline, and ownership of learning are frequently identified as positive student outcomes.

We are no longer taking applications at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)?

Leander Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) is a School of Choice for students in elementary and middle school grades, who prefer an alternative to attending a brick-and-mortar school. Students in our program attend a full day of synchronous learning with highly qualified certified teachers who have experience teaching virtually.  Our academy implements the curriculum and tools adopted by Leander ISD.  In addition, our school will support scholars as they prepare for an increasingly virtual world. 

What is the criteria for students to be a part of remote learning?

Students who are interested in entering into a virtual program must (as required by TEA):

Students enrolled in a virtual program 2022-23 and wish to continue must (as required by TEA):

If you have specific questions regarding your child's eligibility, they can be answered by the VLA administrator Christina Lane - Assistant Principal.

What curriculum will does virtual teachers follow?

Leander ISD is committed to helping all students plan for a bright and promising future. Our district prides itself on providing an academically rigorous and challenging program for all students. Ours is a college-going culture, where students aspire to academic excellence and personal best, positioning themselves for success in college and careers beyond. 

In LISD, we want students to make informed decisions about course selections and to realize the impact these decisions have on their futures.  You can access more information about our curriculum using this LINK.

VLA Course Catalog

What electives will my student participate in?

All students will participate in Art and PE.  At this time there are no other elective choices. 

Elementary students will rotate these electives every other day.   

Middle School students will participate in both of these classes each day.  Sixth grade students will also participate in Advisory. Advisory is an elective class that reviews study and social skills, Introduction to Leadership, and also a time for intervention and enrichment.  

Seventh and eighth grade students will also participate in Leadership.  In that class students will apply the concepts and objectives of the Social Contract, explore differences between individuals and use effective tools of communication, discover private victories and self-master, strengthen teamwork skills, and explore college and career options. 

How does VLA benefit my student?

VLA is a School of Choice for students in Leander ISD.   Virtual learning is beneficial to students for a variety of reasons.  Some students thrive in their home learning environment.  We offer small class sizes which allows for individualized learning.  Students will participate in whole group, small group, and collaborative learning environments while in our classes.  

We provide the Leander ISD tools, resources, and practices to support students who learn from home. 

What would the daily schedule look like?

All of our students, regardless of their grade, start their day on Zoom at 7:30 AM and they end at 2:45 PM. Students participate in all four core classes along with Art and PE class.  

Elementary students will be provided their schedule by their classroom teacher.  Students will be online, with their class, for the majority of their school day.  Breaks occur during recess and lunch.  

Students in middle school will follow an 8 period schedule giving them 5 minute breaks in between classes and a break for lunch. 

What if help is needed in class?

Elementary students will receive support through built-in small groups throughout the day.  If additional support is needed, we encourage our families to connect with the classroom teacher to make a plan. 

In middle school, students may ask for support during their classes and/or arrange to meet with the teacher during their tutorial times after school on selected days of the week.  Tutorials run from 2:50 PM - 3:30PM.  

See the classroom teacher's website for further details. 

Are UIL activities offered?

Students in virtual learning currently do not have the option to participate in UIL activities at this time.

Is technology provided to Virtual Learning students?

All students in virtual learning are eligible to participate in mLISD.  Click HERE for more details.

How can I learn more?

Tour this site, contact Virtual Learning Academy (512) 570-2200, and/or reach out via email to the Assistant Principal,  Christina.Lane@leanderisd.org, for more information.  All calls received go through the New Hope HS main line. Virtual questions will be transferred accordingly.