About VLA

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my student attend the Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)?

An application would need to be completed.

Is there criteria for students to be a part of remote learning?

Yes.  The completed application (found here) allows us to identify students who qualify for virtual learning.  

A student who did not participate in virtual learning during the 2021-2022 or the 2022-2023 school year has different criteria than a student who did participate.  

If you have specific questions regarding your child's eligibility, they can be answered by the VLA administrator Christina Lane - Assistant Principal.

What exactly is Virtual Learning Academy (VLA)?

Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) is an online K-8 school of choice for Leander ISD families.  Students come to virtual learning for various reasons.  

Our day is mostly synchronous (live) classes, where students have access to rich and engaging lessons with certified Leander ISD teachers.  We offer physical curriculum materials similar to our traditional campuses with increased technology integration for learners. 

How does VLA benefit my student?

VLA is a School of Choice for students in Leander ISD.   Virtual learning is beneficial to students for a variety of reasons.  Some students thrive in their home learning environment.  

We provide the Leander ISD tools, resources, and practices to support students who learn from home. 

What would the daily schedule look like?

All of our students, regardless of their grade, start their day on Zoom at 7:30 and they end at 2:45. Students participate in all four core classes along with art and PE class.  

Grade K-6 students will be provided their schedule by their classroom teacher.  Students will be online, with their class, for the majority of their school day.  Breaks occur during recess and lunch.  

Students in grades 7 & 8 will follow an 8 period schedule giving them 5 minute breaks in between classes and a break for lunch. 

What if help is needed in class?

In grades K-6th grade, students will receive support through built-in small groups throughout the day.  If additional support is needed, we encourage our families to connect with the classroom teacher to make a plan. 

In grade 7th & 8th grade, an advisory period is built-in every day for 50 minutes, and we also offer after school tutorials.  

See the classroom teacher's website for further details. 

Are UIL activities offered?

Students in virtual learning currently do not have the option to participate in UIL activities. 

Is technology provided to Virtual Learning students?

All students in virtual learning are eligible to participate in mLISD.  Click HERE for more details.

How can I learn more?

Tour this site, contact Virtual Learning Academy (512) 570-2200, and/or reach out via email to the assistant principal,  Christina.Lane@leanderisd.org, for more information.